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And who dare says nurses can’t be both beautiful and gorgeous just because they are busy attending to the patient’s needs?

It may be true that a day is not enough when you are a nurse especially if you are to make the double shift and the hospital is fully packed with patients coming in and out. But this isn’t a reason enough for nurses to neglect their own health and beauty.

Follow these skin care tips to make you look stunning:

  • ·       Tone your muscle and skin with facials and body massages. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the salon or spa every week. A simple massage for 15 minutes is good enough.

  • ·       Exfoliate even twice a week to help renew skin and lessen visible discoloration and fine lines. It will help remove oil and dirt on pores, preventing breakouts on skin.

  • ·       Use sunscreen with UVB/UVA sun protection. Apply this even when it’s cloudy or raining to prevent premature aging.

  • ·  Stay away from negative vibes! Stress is a major cause of wrinkles. Remain calm, pamper yourself, do breathing exercises or yoga to relieve yourself of stress and negativity.

  • ·       Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water and add lemon for vitamin boost and antioxidants.

  • ·       Cleanse your skin every day. Wash your face every morning and put on moisturizer or sunblock. Be sure to remove makeup too before going to bed.

  • ·       Exercise regularly. Though the everyday walking and standing on the shift at the hospital is exhausting, it is a must that a regular exercise is practice. A 30-minute workout will do, as this will help in blood circulation and prevent skin sagging as well.

Of course, these tips should be accompanied with the right diet, exercise and enough rest for a nurse to be radiant despite the ‘busy mode’ environment at the healthcare institution

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