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A Patient Slapped Me

So, my patient whom I was taking care of today slapped me…
And I was thinking… What should I do? Did I actually made the right call when I reported the situation to my supervisor or should I have retaliated?

Sometimes during the course of our duties we come across all sort of personalities; some -  understanding and charming, others - mean and annoying.

How we deal with the situation and such patients are crucial as to how we portray ourselves, the institution and the profession in general.

What really happened…?

Medications are served to all patients at given times as stipulated by hospital protocols and as documented on the medication chart.

My patient, whom I am going to call “X” had her medications to be served at 2pm. Another patient who was just brought in from the OR was being served post-op analgesics and X, seeing the other patient taking medications asked that hers be served.

I explained to her that her medications are not due until 2pm. She said she also had pains and she needed her medications.

NOTE: X is being managed for Diarrhoea. Nil history of body pains or headaches.

I asked for the site of pains but she declined answering saying she was in pains and needed her meds.

I explained that her remaining drugs had no analgesics included just antibiotics and if she was feeling pains I had to get a doctor to review her present condition.

She got angry, slapped me and told me to go get her meds or she will make sure I lose my job.

I was furious but calmed my nerves and quickly informed the charge nurse who took up the case to the hospital admin.

30 minutes later, I noticed the unit doctor, the nurse-in-charge and the hospital admin come into the unit had a talk with the patient and discharged the patient.

The husband to patient X had to apologise before leaving with his wife who was feeling very sober.

I had mixed feelings… Was I happy, sad… I couldn’t tell.

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