The Diary of A Nurse

Dear Diary,

Today was quite a hectic day (as usual) … 9 surgical cases in 12 hrs! Yea, yea, I know… not a classic record. 

It some days gets worse than that...  But I have gotten so used to the stress that it seems am putting on weight or probably the stress is the reason for the weight … Standing, lifting patients.

... And the female nurses will always want you to do the lifting! Hey! We are all nurses! 
We were all taught to lift patients, weren’t we? 

I get confused when I hear, “Don’t you know you are a man? You are supposed to lift the patient” … I’ll be like “Seriously?”  K

Anyways, am home now just dropping some notes. Gotta close my eyes and rest… Tomorrow is another day!

Mhen, I love 12 hour shifts!!! You just don’t have time for yourself! Hey! I forgot! I haven’t had dinner! (my only REAL meal for the day!).

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