Bear With Me - Kerisha Francois-Kastner

Bear With Me - Kerisha Francois-Kastner

I came across this wonderful poem and I thought to share.
I dedicate this to all Nursing Students wherever you are!

Bear with me, I’m a student, I’m trying my very best.

Bear with me, I’m a student - remember you once stood in my place?

Bear with me, I’m a student, I do not know it all.

So please guide and support me and help me when I fall.

I know that you are busy with a hundred different tasks

but I’m on my learning journey - my errors will not last.

I know the phones are ringing, the call bells are going too,

but please take some time just to show me what you want me to do.

I may make a few mistakes - to this I can confess.

Please do not be put off if my confidence is at times a wee bit low,

it’s just that I am anxious and you may even think me slow.

So please do not be too quick to judge me if I don’t have a smile upon my face.

I’m scared and I am nervous about what you expect of me.

So let us work together and make this a successful learning journey.

Kerisha Francois-Kastner is a current student nurse at University of West London

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