International Day of the Midwife 2019

It's May 5th and as always we celebrate a group of hardworking individuals in the health sector. Fact is the first person (ever!) that probably held you was a midwife (if you weren't given birth to via a Caesarean Section).

From the moment you get pregnant, as a woman, you begin to require the services of a midwife throughout the period of pregnancy until the baby is born.

They make sure that both you and the baby is fine and they make sure you have a very safe delivery.

In developing countries like Nigeria, the services of midwives are needed in rural areas where there is limited or no access to health facilities.

In such areas there is usually a  very high mortality rate of mothers and babies who find themselves in serious complications where the traditional birth attendants cannot manage.

The little number of midwives in these locations are usually over worked.

Let's appreciate Midwives for the work they do!


IDM 2019 theme is : Midwives: Defenders of Women's Rights

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