#ExcuseMe but you cannot become a nurse in 3 weeks...

#ExcuseMe you cannot learn Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology in just one month!...

#ExcuseMe Nursing is a profession not a skill

#ExcuseMe You are not licensed to practice as a nurse!


It is rather disheartening that we harbor quacks and encourage them to thrive in our health system.  

On his Facebook wall, Kelvin O. Ossai, a Nurse Practitioner with Prime Medical Consultants lamented on the OPM video where a group of "so-called" nurses where paraded

 ...and then a Facebook user Lilian Opurum had this to say:

"Why do you people always condemn but can not help, you people have not heard of ancillary nurses before, that they assist registered or licensed nurses even in government hospitals, do you know how many lives that man has touched, some in OPM free nursery and primary school, scholarship to study in higher institutions when you make good grades, money to start business, OPM welding and fabrication and oil and gas training, skill acquisition in the different craft, accommodation for the homeless, OPM free restaurant, free football training, going to @sh@w0 (Prostitutes) quarters to lead to Christ and trains them in skill acquisition, 

Meanwhile @Kelvin Says:

I'm a Christian, but I'm also a Nurse.

I owe myself a responsibility to live right and also protect the health of those around me in every way possible.

How a church will start to train Quacks in the name of SKILL ACQUISITION still baffles me.

Nursing is a profession, and by every standard has its legal and educational operations.

For a church to say they are training nurse and midwives in 👉ONE MONTH is still ridiculous to me.

Let me tell you what this will cause:
  • First, this will lead to increased number of pregnant church members having their babies in church, and thus increase maternal and foetal death.
  • Secondly, most members may be improperly diagnosed and this will lead to increased death... From different sources.
If the church had intentions of training their members, what stops them from picking up school of nursing or jamb forms for this members and give them scholarship if and when they gain admission.?
Believe me, whether you are a Christian or not, a Muslim or not, if you get wrongly managed, the prognosis of the illness won't be good.



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