On The Suspension of 13 Nurses in LTH Ogbomoso

Trouble seems to be brewing up among Nurses in the Employment service of Lautech Teaching Hospital Ogbomoso
Nurses working in LTH Ogbomoso has been receiving half salary since January 2016. Other staff were not left out of the hood. 

A group of  progressive nurses raised dusts by approaching the recognised union (NANNM) to challenge the authority of the management over the unpopular scheme, as it affects the welfare of the nurses. 

This has led over 100 nurses to resign from the hospital, thus crippling the activities of the hospitals. This group of concerned progressive nurses perceived this scheme as a fraudulent act between the NANNM executive and the hospital management as there wasn't any signed documents to that effect.

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Trouble seems to be brewing up among Nurses in the Employment service of Lautech Teaching Hospital Ogbomoso as the NANNM leadership in the unit allegedly connived with the management of the hospital to query and suspend 13 nurses over their participation in a protest according to an anonymous source. 

It all started when a group of nurses termed as progressive nurses held a peaceful protest on 5th of June, 2017 against the payment of half salaries a situation which has seen over 100 Nurses left for greener pasture. This didn't go well with the management who had to collude with dissolved Unit NANNM executives to " punish" those whom they see as a threat to their authority. Below is a detailed report of what transpired: Medical World Nigeria

On the 5th of June, 2017, a protest was staged by the progressive nurses to intimate the hospital management, the Head of Nursing Services (HNS) attended to them prevail over the matter and promised to see the NANNM Chairman and the secretary. After several attempts by the group of progressive nurses to find a lasting solution to the issue,  the progressive nurses wrote two different memos to the unit secretariat.

Hence, congress was held and the progressive nurses spelt out article "ix" and "xxxiii" as enshrined in NANNM Constitution,  as below

"A member  shall have right to initiate or institute action at his own expense to challenge any breach of the constitution. "  
"the national executive council,  state executive council in unit executive shall be dissolved by a vote of no confidence by 2/3 majority of accredited members at any meeting called for that purpose. "

After a thorough deliberation at the congress held by the progressive  nurses, the congress observed the deliberate failure of NANNM to show up as a contempt to the power the congress hereby resolves as follows based on the above section of the NANNM Constitution :

1. Henceforth, the progressive nurses cease to recognize any LTH Ogbomoso NANNM executive as their representatives
2. All deductions into NANNM account (as due ) should henceforth be stopped.
Sequel to the above decision by the progressive  nurses, the HNS of the hospital and suspended NANNM excos failed to handle the situation administratively  as they played into the hands of  hospital management to issue query and suspends 13 out of the 103 progressive nurses with half of half payment of salary  until the case is determined.

The progressive nurses hereby appeal to the leadership of NANNM in Oyo state and National body of NANNM to timely intervene before the matter escalate beyond imagination.

Long Live Nurses!!!
Long Live NANNM!!!

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