One Very Inspiring Post!

One Very Inspiring Post!

Meet @karlaaaxoxo - 

"She turned her Can'ts into #CANS & her #Dreams into #PLANS -- 
I am a proud product of immigrant parents nothing was handed to us, it has been earned through hard work, it's not luck it's relentless dedication , ambition , it's struggle, sweat , sacrifice, tears , it's breaking chains ! 
You see underdogs, minority, and Latinos are underestimated but what most don't understand is we are built from the fire inside of us, to overcome any fire around us! We have seen failure , we know what it's like to have nothing , we know what it feels to be seen as less capable and there's no way in hell we will stay down or allow anyone to underestimate us anymore. Absolutely nobody can stop you but YOU from becoming the best version of yourself there's no time for excuses . Go out there and GRIND!! 
I am allergic to all the statistics & stereotypes placed on us It's time to become that top 1% & become unstoppable. We have push ourself to greatness 

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