Foundation tips for nurses on duties

This is a follow-up on the previous article on makeup products

Foundation tips for nurses on duties:

·        Step 1: Use a makeup. Cleaning wipe to remove dirt on your face make sure your face is absolutely cleansed   

·        Step 2: If you have a dry skin apply a moisturizer on your face and if you have an oily skin apply a matte and oil free moisturizer.  

·        Step 3: Apply primer on your face
·        Step 4: Apply your foundation with a flat brush 
·        Step 5: Make sure your foundation is well blended u can also use a beauty blender

·        Step 6: Use a concealer to conceal redness and spots and blend  

·        Step 7: Your makeup is complete.  Voilà!  

Good makeup products                                                          
Foundation: Mac, Revlon Colour Stay, Maybelline Poreless Foundation, Marykay Foundation

Written by Chinenye Stan Sinach

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