REVENGE MISSION: Woman Infects Men with HIV

A woman on a revenge mission has decided to infect men with HIV by having unprotected sex with men.

A man has revealed how a lady who is HIV/Aids positive wanted to have sex with him so as to infect him with the disease.


The Kenyan man shared screen shots of the conversation he had with the woman who was bold enough to make overtures.

She sent a casual message declaring her love to the man who is taken aback at such a bold move.

The conversation then becomes steamy as the lady declares that she prefers sleeping with men like him without protection.

The man who is not interested with the lady’s mission probes further only for the woman to reveal that she is HIV positive and she is on a mission to infect others.
She reveals that she was infected with the virus by her boyfriend, adding that she is on a revenge mission and want to infect as many men as possible.

The woman revealed that she stalks men using Facebook and after seducing them, sleeps with them without protection leaving them with the deadly virus.
The man shared the conversation to warn other men who may easily fall for the sly, demonic woman.

Here are the screenshots of the conversation.

Facebook Chat Screen Shot 1

Facebook Chat Screenshot 2

Facebook Chat Screenshot 3

Facebook Chat Screenshot 4

Facebook Chat Screenshot 5

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