Celebrating Nigeria's Most Influential Nurse

It's August 25th... 
On a fateful morning when a loud cry was heard from the maternity of the hospital. It wasn't the mother... It was the shrieks of a newborn baby.

"Hey! It's a boy!" 
"Wow!" "Pretty boy!"

"What a beautiful boy!" (I am pretty sure I heard that)

He stopped crying and smiled at the nurses that surrounded him....

Many years later....

He is still smiling at A NURSE and nurses still surround him!

Nurse Jude and his wife

I call him the Most Influencing Nurse in Nigeria. 

You cannot mention Nursingworldnigeria.com without mentioning his name...

The only nurse in Nigeria who could have a march on his wedding against quackery in the nursing profession.

A force in the Nigerian Nursing sector struggling to make sure nurses and nursing are set free from the shackles and backwardness in Nigeria

An award winner in healthcare excellence

Winner of 2016 Healthcare Awards

Please join me as I celebrate Nurse Jude Chiedu of Nursingworldnigeria.com 

Happy Birthday from Nurse Selfies

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