Bats' on a Mission!

Directly from my friends wall I got this nice write up

Writer: Lilian Nnamani 
Bats' on a Mission!
This evening, some creatures of the night made me to stop and stare around the Ring Road. The Ring Road in Benin City has always fascinated me but the bats took the show today. They always do, but very few of us notice and worry. Silly me was thinking to myself, "Bird's poo, I understand, but bat's poo, who understands that! Who has seen such?! How can I explain that?!"

That was not really what held me spellbound. They always flew in schools. Tonight, they looked like they were on a mission or competition. Seems like each school had invited their family and friends for the grand occasion. I could hear them communicating with each other. It was so noisy! The nearby markets could not compare.

Today, I noticed something that I had always missed from afar. They lived in those trees inside the Museum grounds and in other trees nearby. This explained why I saw them at odd hours of the day. The Ring Road and the markets must be too busy and noisy, and so they imitated their environment. I took some pictures for proof.

Irrespective of whatever explanation I do come up with, I hurried off to my place of rest. Because I refuse to be so distracted that I become a prey to the petty thieves around. Because I also refuse to be the new dumping ground for bats' poo. And because I refuse to be turned into a fascinating piece of work on public display whilst taking pictures of 'ordinary' bats in flight.

As I wonder what tomorrow holds for me, I am off to bed to dream dreams that will come true (I hope!). No nightmares, please!

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