Writing a CV. Part 2

Writing a CV

CV or Resume

It can include a record-breaking GP, an award, a surpassed target, an impeccable record, etc. Your achievements are supposed to score you extra points with a potential employee.

Your bio-data which consists of your date of birth, state of origin, etc are not necessarily your most important details. 

In fact, it could serve as a disadvantage. Should you apply for a particular vacancy and you are past the age requirement, you are likely to be disqualified even before your CV is given a proper appraisal. So it’s best to keep those details at the tail end of your CV.

Points to bear in mind:

1. Chose bold and legible fonts

2. Use simple and unambiguous words. Leave no room for vagueness.

3. Have a focus and find a way to infuse your interest and specialization into your CV

4. Be accountable. Always account for time spent. Ensure your CV reflects that you are constantly adding value, honing your skills, or getting more education.

5. Never include in your CV what you are not 100% certain.

6. Keep your CV to a maximum of three pages except you have had several years of experience.

7. Ensure that you can defend everything that you have written in your CV

8. Lastly, don’t forget to KISS! (Keep It Short and Simple!)

You're Hired

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