Lassa Fever: Plateau State - one killed

Plateau State government has confirmed that Lassa fever has killed one.

Lassa fever has been noticed in five local governments; Jos North, Mangu, Langtang South, Pankshin and Shendam.

- The host of the virus is rat and it sheds it through its urine and faeces.
- Human beings can become infected by getting exposed to the urine and faeces of the carrier animal.
- Person to person transmission occurs in crowded communities. The disease spreads fast in crowded environments, especially under poor sanitary conditions.
- Health officers can be at risk if they don’t use barrier nursing and infection control practices.”
- Lassa fever can be difficult to distinguish from other viral haemorrhagic fevers, such as the Ebola virus.
- The symptoms are usually gradual, starting from fever to general body weakness and malaise. After a few days headache, sore throat, chest pain, muscle pain, nausea, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and cough follow.
- When it becomes severe, facial swelling, bleeding through mouth, nose, ear, anus and genitals occur.


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