Cure for AIDS could possibly be found in South Africa

 As we continue to follow the trends in HIV/AIDS and the hope for a permanent cure whether drugs or vaccine, we stumbbled on this headline:

 "Cure for AIDS could possibly be found in South Africa"
Early clinical trials in South Africa have given researchers new hope of developing a vaccine for AIDS and a host of other HIV prevention methods are also being tested in South Africa
The South 
Scientists fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic have already revolutionised the safe sex paradigm with advances in Biomedical technology but are still a long way from creating the ultimate weapon – an AIDS vaccine.
They are confident, however, that it can be done and the chances are that this Holy Grail of medicine will be found in South Africa.

South Africa is a leader in HIV research
“South Africa is home to the largest population of people living with HIV in the world. What really distinguishes SA, however, are the strides the nation is making against the epidemic,” says Glenda Gray president of the SA Medical Research Council.

Catherine Williams, a Professional Nurse Counsellor with the TB/HIV Care Association, a Cape Town based NGO, said that it was very exciting that medical science was being creatively applied to the prevention of HIV transmission.
“These exciting new solutions have to take into account social justice issues such as equitable access, gender sensitivity and the structural oppression of vulnerable social groups,” she said.
“I would love to see social scientists, feminist scholars and poverty experts working with medical scientists. Now that would truly be groundbreaking.”


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