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Skyspencer International

Job Description

  • Evaluating the patients ailments and/or needs and providing them with proper medical care and treatment until the patient safely reaches the hospital
  • Administering medication and/or injections to ease the patients pain & suffering
  • Replacing lost blood through the use of blood transfusion devices
  • Stitching up injuries, providing splints, doing incisions and performing minor operations if necessary
  • Managing proper treatment while working in small and often compressed atmospheres
  • Maintaining the patients overall safety while in flight
  • Operating emergency and non emergency medical machinery, equipment and/or technology such as mechanical ventilation machines, oxygen tanks, blood transfusion devices  and various other life support equipment.
  • Acting as an intermediary and communicator between the flight crew and flight medical team
  • Planning and Preparing for flight missions


  • Responding to car accidents
  • Operating in tornadoes
  • Helping people who are trapped on a buildings or mountains
  • Rescuing individuals caught in earthquakes
  • Saving individuals who are caught in a flood

Minimum of HND,all interested applicant should forward CV

The authenticity of this employer is yet to be ascertained by 

Please exercise due diligence when applying for this job vacancy.

Note: Profile of SKyspencer as found on the web
Skyspencer International is a recruiting firm. It has been in operation for over 10 years.
Current Address: Lekki, Lagos
Name of Contact: Skyspencer International
Email Address:
Phone Number: 09029722959

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