I Hope You're Ready For Me, 'Coz I Was Born Ready For You

Regrann from @powerhousenurses - @nurse.alexandra


Two years ago I was sitting in the kitchen and said to my mom, "I wanna follow in your footsteps, I'm gonna to go back to nursing school." 

As a nurse who knows what it takes, she just smiled and said, "okay sweetie." 

The next day I signed up for an anatomy class and the rest is history. My mom could not wait for me to follow in her footsteps and become Nurse Vazquez Jr, and work in the same hospital as her. 

Nothing makes me happier than when my parents tell me they're so proud of me. 

My 15 month accelerated BSN/RN program felt like it was never going to end; but I finished nursing school, passed NCLEX and now I can't believe I finally start my first nursing position 3 weeks from today! 

University Medical Center of Princeton-Plainsboro I hope you're ready for me, cuz I was born ready for you!!! (Seriously tho, I was born at that hospital) 

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