Lieutenant Inspiration!

Lieutenant Inspiration! 

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Wow, today is a day that I will relive for the rest of my life. 

A day etched in my heart as if it were etched in stone. Today I am so grateful and pleased to announce I have officially gone through my commissioned officer ceremony and have taken the oath to uphold our constitution and defend our country against threats both foreign and domestic. I am proud to serve this country as a 46N3E: 'Critical Care Nurse' in the United States Air Force. 

For many of you that don’t know I started this journey last year while still working as a nurse at the Mayo Clinic. It was a long process full of interviews, paper work, meetings, and the like. When I found out I was accepted into the AF Nurse Corp Dec of 2016 I still had months left until I would reach this exact moment in time. 

Now there were ups and downs along the way, with date changes, and various other “small annoyances.” I refused to give up and just patiently kept waiting because I knew it was all in God’s perfect time. 

I want thank God first & foremost for this opportunity. I want to take the time to thank my parents and my brother for being there and supporting me throughout every stage of my life. I want to thank my professors from nursing school for their excellent instruction and guidance. I want to thank all those I worked with on 10-3 at the Mayo Clinic for being excellent preceptors, coworkers, & friends (whom I miss very much!). 

I want to thank all those that are friends of the family and to those that knew the journey I was embarking on and offered not only your words of encouragement but also your time in writing letters of recommendation on my behalf. I can truly say I love you all and I’m forever grateful. –

Lieutenant Nichols 

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