"They Call Me Ninu"

"They Call Me Ninu" 

"They Call Me Ninu"

Female Nurse Wednesday!

"They Call Me Ninu" 

Meet 🇳🇬 Nurse @mz_ninuola 

She says: "I am Fadeyi Moninuola. Most people call me Ninu. Ninu is student nurse, studying at the college of medicine university of Lagos, Nigeria. 

She chose nursing and nursing chose her. Nursing is the only career that is capable of giving her the peace, happiness and satisfaction she desire. She is particular about peri-operative and psychiatric nursing. Ninu is also a member of the Nigerian red cross society ➕ and she also loves to volunteer for NGO's awareness and health programmes. 

She belongs to an organization ( ramoth hospitality channel) ." 

Personal line: My smile is my signature. 

Favourite quote: They may forget you but they will never forget how you made them feel (Maya Angelou) 

Hobbies: cooking, reading and singing. 

Favourite food: Eba and efo riro ( vegetable soup) *covers eyes* I'm a foodie😆 

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