Meet @Abdulla_Aljabaly Male Nurse Monday! Very Inspiring Story! He says: "I decided to go for nursing Because nursing gives Me the opportunity to witness so many parts and stages of ones life; from the time a newborn comes into earth to the part I'm holding a patient's hand in their last moments of life . You get a window into their physical, social and emotional life. Nursing is about healing caring inspiring to witness ones beginning and end of life stages My motivation to become a nurse starts with me and my one year old daughter who is my biggest drive. I want to become an Emergency Department pediatric Nurse to be there for the young during their toughest battles ! I want to be their superhero in front of their eyes .I will continue to pursue my nursing career and become a pediatric nurse practitioner. I am second year nursing student right now and am currently a student nurse extern at DMC Detroit medical center Emergency room ! #NurseSelfie . #MCM . #MNM. #MaleNurseMonday . #MaleNurse . #MaleNursesRock . #NotAllSuperHerosWearCapes . #FutureNP . #PaediatricsIsWhereMyHeartIs . #NursingSchool

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