@Nurse_Selfies celebrates with [@Harley Stephens(Facebook)] She is featured here as #FemaleNurseWednesday She says:... I finished nursing school in December, took my RN boards on the 24th of January (also my 21st birthday) and just started on an SPCU floor yesterday! _______________________________ I've looked at these photos side by side for the past couple of days and I can't help but be flooded with a ton of emotions. For the first time, I feel like I can finally take a breath and be proud of how far we've come. I say "we" because as silly as it may sound to you, we're a team; Brayden and I. We've literally grown up together. He's my biggest fan, and I'm most definitely his. I'm not the first young mother to get a college degree, and I most definitely won't be the last. Don't get me wrong, it's difficult to beat the "status quo" so to speak but it's far from impossible. Being from a small town, I heard it all. I "ruined my life" , "had so much going for me", the whole 9 yards. People that I thought would never turn their back against me did, and never looked back. The people who were really and truly there for me stuck by my side and that's all that really mattered. I didn't realize it then, but that in itself was a blessing in disguise. Life as I knew it may have ended, but the little boy is these photos has given me a better future than I could have ever imagined otherwise. #powerhousenurses | #NurseSelfies | #NursesOfFacebook | #NursesOfInstagram | #ShowMeYourStethoscope | #NursesRock

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