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#NurseSelfie - A little #tbt action for you today #pregnancyedition 🤰🏼

...I was thinking about how quickly this past year has gone by and I saw this pic pop up! 

This picture is significant in so many ways. It actually was the last night shift I worked before bringing baby boy into the world! 

I was 36.5 weeks and he was born at 38 weeks. This pic also represents my healthiest pregnancy thanks to 30 minute home workouts, superfood nutrition, and the support of accountability groups. 

This pic also represents my last shift as an RN before I put my nursing career on hold to be a #sahm of THREE!! 😳 

Sometimes I can't believe how I got here, but I feel incredibly blessed! 

I've been lucky enough to fulfill multiple passions of mine when the time is right. 

I'm cherishing my days at home with my littles, but I know one day I will throw on the blue scrubs again. #nurselife 💊💉👩🏼‍⚕️ 

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