In the spotlightIn the spotlight this month, we have a multi-talented nurse, who is a vocalist, dancer, actor and a designer!

We are not going to focus on his stage and clinical skills but what he does with his hands!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Israel Zamani (RN).

Nurse Israel Zamani

Nurse Zamani, (as he is known in the clinical area) is a humble, cheerful and down to earth young man who charms you with his magic smiles… Patients, clients and … ladies… can attest to that!

Nurse Israel Zamani 2

I discovered he wears really nice designed clothes and was forced to ask him where he got them from.

He told me he designed and sew them!

His clothing designs are cute and unique!

I am going to share a few I was able to lay my hands!


Nurse Israel Zamani Designs


   Nurse Israel Zamani Designs 2

Nurse Israel Zamani Designs 3

Nurse Israel Zamani Designs 4

Watch out for an exclusive interview with Israel Zamani soon!

If you like his designs send a message to

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